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Belgian Malinois


Born: Oct. 15, 2014

FCI Pedigree (French)

Intact, Full Dentition, Both Testicles in Place

Jango is the son of renowned Red Bull, under Udex & Ch. Judex!

Jango possesses an outstanding work ethic, a top FCI pedigree, phenomenal temperament and character, and a strong morphology in regard to the breed standard. He is confirmed before a judge, obtained his CSAU "excellent" at 12 months, followed by his Defense Dog Brevet, and passed his French Ring 1 title "Excellent" 3x's, his FR2 "1st Excellent" 4x's, FR3 "1st Excellent" 23x's, including multiple CACT & RCACT (Certificate of Aptitude to Enter the Working Championships). He entered the French Ring Selectives 5x's obtaining "Excellent" notes, and finally went on to compete in the French Cup and two French Championships (ranking finalist). This dog is very close to his handler and is social, stable, and easy to live with. Jango is an outstanding subject who represents his breed well.

He has definitely taken over the legacy of his father, Red Bull, and grandfathers, Udex and Ch. Judex. Bravo!

Synthetic sleeve, deco sleeve, and upper body suit - OK

Baton, pistol fire, whip, smoke bomb - OK

Social with other dogs of different breeds, both male and female. Good around small children, and animals of other species (such as chickens and various farm animals) - OK

Sperm quality, quantity, and motility - OK (Jango has fathered 4 healthy litters between 2016 & 2023)

Full official health testing - OK

Size: Medium / 28 kilos

Health Tests:

Official DNA Registered, HD A/A, ED 0/0, Spondylosis CLEAR, Degenerative Myelopathy CLEAR

Spongy Cerebellar Degeneration w/ Cerebellar Ataxia 1&2 CLEAR

Multidrug Resistance Mutation CLEAR

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