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Sheriff de la Ronce Noire

Belgian Malinois


Born: Sept. 16, 2021

FCI Export Pedigree (Included)

Full Dentition, Both Testicles in Place

Behind his papers: Banc des Hermelles, Loups Mutins, Calvaire aux Acacias...

Full Basic Obedience, Off-Leash Recall, Introductory Protection Training (suit/baton/pistol fire OK)

Sheriff transports well in a crate and was raised in the home around children. He is social, playful, affectionate, very intelligent, and respectful of other dogs. He would be ideal for an active family home and personal/family protection. Sheriff has his basic obedience and is currently training in introductory protection work.

Synthetic sleeve, deco sleeve, and upper body suit OK. 

Baton, pistol fire, whip, smoke bomb OK.


FCI Pedigree

Pedigree Sheriff_edited.jpg
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